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HOLO-ROL ™ Bearings use hollow cylindrical rollers instead of solid rollers. Hollow rollers are preloaded within the bearing between the inner and outer rings.

Preloading the hollow rollers produces several advantages over regular bearings, including:

  • Higher Speed Capability
  • High Radial Stiffness
  • Very Low Radial Run Out
  • Vibration Damping

All these qualities are enhanced in HOLO-ROL ™ bearings because the preloaded rollers are positively driven at all times by the rotating inner ring and cannot skid or twist.

HOLO-ROL ™ bearings are used in all types of machine tool spindles including turning, milling and grinding machines. Work head spindles also benefit with these highly accurate bearings.

For over twenty years, hollow roller bearings have been used in centerless grinding machines. Hundreds of machines have been rebuilt with HOLO-ROLâ„¢ bearings in both the regulating and grinding wheel spindles. Increased accuracy and productivity attest to the advantages of these special bearings.

HOLO-ROL ™ bearings are designed for light load applications, as in most machine tool spindles. Including all types of grinding, machining, and milling spindles. The radial load rating, listed for each bearing size, is the maximum load that will allow all rollers to remain preloaded. For best results, the operating load on the bearing should not exceed one-half this rating.

This bearing should not be used for very heavy load applications, such as rolling mills or printing presses.

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