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Remanufactured Precision Centerless Grinders

Modern machine tool and manufacturing process engineering, combined with ongoing centerless grinding process experience, enables EDAC Machinery to produce Precision Centerless Grinders with unparalleled performance in terms of part quality, part cycle time, and machine up-time.

We provide remanufactured centerless grinders custom suited to your needs.

Our centerless grinder equipment is totally remanufactured from the base in our facility. We offer upgrades to CNC, integrated parts handling, precision ballscrews and much more. Slides, dressers, and bearing pads are hand-scraped. Spindles are rebuilt including ceramic coating to wear surfaces and upgraded to incorporate adjustment-free Holo-Rol Bearings.

Our exclusive design for the regulating wheel spindle incorporates ultra-precision hollow roller bearings. These bearings are greased-for-life and adjustment-free. Further, they offer extended wheel and diamond life plus increased radial stiffness and lower radial run out. These features provide improved part roundness, better finish, increased size control, and faster stock removal rates.

Remanufactured dressers enhance performance on existing equipment. We can provide dressers for your use while we remanufacture yours, and we can install the dressers for you. We can recommend and provide upgrades to automatic dressers, rotary diamond dressers, or full CNC control.

Other upgrades include parts gaging using an optical micrometer wherein parts size is fed back to grinder controller to compensate for size or to dress the wheel automatically. Further, the machine controller, beyond controlling the dresser and integrated gaging, can be made web accessible to allow for off-site trouble shooting and easy data retrieval.

Regulating Wheel Remanufacture includes novel exclusive design improvements for optimum performance.

In-Process Monitoring and gaging increase part quality and throughput.

An Automation option here is in the form of a non-robotic part loader.

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